Advance Your Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Career

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18 Weeks

Certificate Length


Available Industry Certifications

What Does It Mean To Earn Your Industry Certification As A Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach?

Personal Trainers work with individual clients or small groups – typically in a gym, fitness center, or in clients’ homes. They evaluate their clients’ current fitness levels, personal goals, and skills, develop personalized training programs, and monitor clients’ progress. Nutrition Coaches work with the general population to facilitate healthy eating behaviors and empower their clients to take responsibility for their own health.

To be a successful Nutrition Coach, individuals must possess knowledge of both nutritional science and behavior change strategies. It’s this knowledge of behavior change that makes Personal Trainers great candidates for Nutrition Coach roles.

With a nutrition coaching certification, fitness professionals can take their expertise to the next level. The combination of these roles offers increased earning potential, the ability to offer a more holistic fitness and health skillset, and the knowledge to fully address clients’ fitness and nutritional needs – to name just a few.


This industry certification ensures individuals can:

  • Gain knowledge of medical terminology, disease processes, anatomy, and physiology.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the soft skill expectations of an allied healthcare professional.
  • Master health and fitness topics, including nutrition, program design, human movement science, and fitness assessments.
  • Learn and practice teaching, customer service, and first aid skills.
  • Develop organizational and communication skills.


For over 30 years, the National Academy of Sports Medicine has developed the most successful personal trainers in the fitness industry. Our NCCA-accredited personal trainer certification provides you with the most scientifically accurate information, all delivered in our revolutionary digital learning platform. If you want to become one of the best, most respected, and highest-paid fitness trainers, it’s as simple as getting certified online with NASM.

Select The Right Training Certificate For Your Goals

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

The Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach online certificate will equip you for an exciting career in the fitness and wellness industry, empowering clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.


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All courses and certification examinations are prepared and offered in English only. Special accommodations requesting translation services are not available for course participation or examination. Oral and written English proficiency is a requirement for course participation.

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